Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boots For Fall!!!

Skinny jeans are in! Personally I think I look horrible in them, but they're a great excuse to wear my fav. knee high boots, and it is actually an 'in' thing. Who've thunk that leggings would EVER come back in style after the 80's? As for me? I LOVED the 80's, the big hair, the colors, it's all so silly, but I can't get around it, I love 80's style. Luckily for me, many fashions of the 80's are in this fall.
Boots are MUST this fall season. Strap on some tight pants or leggings and strut in your boots.

It doesn't really matter which boots, they all seem to be in this season. I've seen some really fugly boots out there, some really high heel boots, and some really cute ones to. (Fugly is Haven's word for really F*in Ugly, ha ha ha). It doesn't seem that the style of the boot so much matters right now. People are wearing ankle boots, calf boots and knee high ones.

I've even seen some high end fashion lines putting their models in thigh high boots and mini skirts. Some may think thigh high boots just make you look trashy, but not anymore. I would not suggest the thigh highs unless you are a true fashionista as if you do pair the wrong thigh high boot there is a change you may look trashy, so be careful with the thigh high boots.

I guess long story short - get yourself a pair of boots for your fall fashion! If you don't like a heel, get a pair of Lugz, they are in, but I do think they are fugly. I prefer a platform heel to accompany my short legs.

I'll be wearing these this year:

For less of a heel, I'll wear these:

They can both be found at

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are a must this season! Skinny jeans are back and the best way to dress them up is by wearing them with your favorite pair of knee high boots. I am such a big fan of knee high boots. I LOVE them, and have too many pairs, and wear them EVERYWHERE I can. Hey, I managed to get away with wearing a pair of knee high 5 inch gothic platform boots to my cousin’s wedding…. Doesn’t sound that bad right, except for the fact that I was IN the wedding! Yes… I AM a boot whore.

Living in upstate NY, boots are a must, but they can be so ugly. Who wants to strap into a pair of boots that are a pain to take on and off and are ugly to boot. (Pun intended). Personally, I see knee high boots to as the ultimate fashion statement. Are you tough, elegant, or feeling sexy? I think much of this can be determined in someone’s footwear. You need to find a boot that you’ll love wearing and will say something about you personally. I have a pair of knee high boots for any mood one could imagine. I have the flirty boot, the don’t mess with me boot, and the I’m in a laid back mood knee high boot.

Boots just aren’t what they used to be. They are now a HUGE part of fashion and style, and if you look you’ll see the big A-list stars wearing them all over. Knee high boots now come in just about any style imaginable in a wide variety of fabrics and materials. Boots are available in a low heel all the way up to 7+ inches. You can get knee high boots with or without a platform. I personally prefer the platform. Knee high boots made from man-made materials are going to cost you much less than those made of leather or other premium materials.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Walking In High Heels - How To

sexy high heel shoes
Learning to walk in high heels can be quite the challenge. Shoes can make or break your outfit and high heel shoes are often the perfect fashion accessory. High heel shoes can be very intimidating to those who have never worn them before. I’ll walk you through step by step and before you know it, you will be strutting in your high heels!

Step 1. How to Buy Shoes
Obviously the first step in this venture would be to buy a pair of high heel shoes. It is best when first learning to walk in high heels to be conservative with your choice. It is much easier to up in heel height than to start with a high heel and work down. Shoes with heels can be found in almost any height. If you have never worn a dress shoe before, start with a ½ inch to 1 inch heel. If you are comfortable in your standard dress shoes, you may want to start with a shoe with a heel height of 2 to 4 inches. Several factors should go into your choice, as high heel shoes come in a variety of styles. Now that you’ve chosen which heel height you are going to purchase, consider some different styles. There is the standard pump style high heel shoe which offers almost no ankle support. Some high heel shoes are available with an ankle strap that for the novice may be a big help.

Step 2. Balance
Walking in high heel shoes is almost always about balance. It is of utmost importance to maintain proper balance when walking in high heel shoes to avoid injury. To keep your balance, keep your legs as strait as possible and always be sure to walk from heel to toe. Walking heel to toe allows your muscles to most properly compensate for the unsteadiness of the heel on the shoe. Walking toe to heel has a reverse effect and muscles tend to over compensate quickly to regain balance, resulting in ankle injuries.
low heel shoes

Step 3. First Steps

Now that you have your shoes and you are consciously thinking about keeping your balance, you are ready to start walking in those sexy high heel shoes. First start off by stretching your muscles around your ankle and your calf. Sit on a chair and put your shoes on. Stand up slowly, being sure to have equal pressure throughout your whole foot, including the heel. Take short slow steps, again keeping your feet strait and close together. You may feel the muscles around your ankle contract to compensate for the heel. As you feel more comfortable, take quicker strides in the same fashion. You’ll be walking in your high heels before you know it.

Step 4. Increase Height
You’ve mastered your beginner heel height and are feeling very confident in your abilities of walking in high heels, but don’t over do it. When you are ready to take the next step, only try increase the heel height by ½ to 1 inch at a time. A 1 inch high heel has a more dramatic effect than you may think. This gives your muscles time to adjust to the added pressures and strains and allows them to grow gradually as you increase your heel height.
sexy high heel shoes with sequins

Please note that while sexy high heel shoes are a must in today’s fashion, they can cause health problems. Strained ankles, deep vein thrombosis, shin splints, and shortening of some of the muscles can all occur from wearing high heel shoes. Many women wear high heel shoes everyday with no medical problems and others can no longer wear them from damage they have caused to their bodies wearing them. Start small, go slow, and stop if you feel any muscle strain anywhere. If you follow those simple guidelines, you should be just fine.

Foreplay Footwear - Sexy High Heel Platform Shoes and Knee High Boots

Platform Shoes - A Brief History

Sexy Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes

Simply put, platform shoes are shoes with thick soles made from various types of materials such as plastic, cork, wood or rubber. The platform size can vary dramatically from an inch all the way up to several inches. New extreme platform shoes come up to an 8 inch platform heel.

Platform shoes can be traced back centuries and have an extensive history. Ancient civilizations used platform shoes for various reasons. It is believed that platform shoes were worn in Ancient Greece to enhance the appearance of theatre actors and actresses. In the 16th century, it is belived that Europeans worn platform shoes to keep their feet clean and dry in the muddy streets. When they would sink into the loose soil barren roads, the platform of the shoe would sink, keeping their feet clean and dry.

In the United States, platform shoes were first introduced in the 1920’s, but their popularity soared in the 1970’s. During the 1970’s the usual ¼ inch sole was replaced by the 2-4 inch platform sole. Unlike earlier eras, platform shoes in the United States did not serve any purpose other than being the perfect accessory on the disco dance floor. Platform shoes had become the ultimate fashion must have.

Today, not much has changed. People wear platform shoes for fashion reasons. Many women claim that wearing platform shoes makes their legs appear longer and thinner. Some wish for the additional inches that they feel enhance their appearance. In today’s Western Culture, it is the tall thin model that is portrayed as beautiful and sexy, so naturally, platform shoes are a cheap, effective way to enhance their appearance. 

Platform shoes are available in a wide array of styles. This style of shoe can range from the mini platform, which is about an inch in height, to the extreme platform which can be as high as 12 inches, however, most platform goers do not wear a shoe with a platform with more than 7.5 inches. Some platform shoes feature high stiletto type heels while others have a chunkier base. Wedge style platform shoes are also very popular. Sexy sandal style platform shoes can be worn with nice evening attire. Platform shoes are available in any style or color in wide price ranges.

While platform shoes are quite the fashion trend, learning to walk in them can be a challenge. When learning to walk in platform shoes, it is best to choose a conservative height. Begin with a mini 1 or 2 inch platform shoe and work up in height as your comfort level increases. Take short strides always walking heel to toe. Balance is key when walking in platform shoes, so keeping your legs as strait as possible will also help. As your confidence rises with mini platforms, increase your platform height by ½ - 1 inch at a time. 

Some platform shoes however may be much less of a challenge than others. Many platform shoes do not feature a high heel, rather the whole platform is at the same level, like a block. While these chunkier platform heels may be high in inches, they really are very easy to walk in.

Foreplay Footwear - Sexy High Heel Platform Shoes and Knee High Boots Foreplay Footwear is a company that offers many styles of platform shoes.