Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boots For Fall!!!

Skinny jeans are in! Personally I think I look horrible in them, but they're a great excuse to wear my fav. knee high boots, and it is actually an 'in' thing. Who've thunk that leggings would EVER come back in style after the 80's? As for me? I LOVED the 80's, the big hair, the colors, it's all so silly, but I can't get around it, I love 80's style. Luckily for me, many fashions of the 80's are in this fall.
Boots are MUST this fall season. Strap on some tight pants or leggings and strut in your boots.

It doesn't really matter which boots, they all seem to be in this season. I've seen some really fugly boots out there, some really high heel boots, and some really cute ones to. (Fugly is Haven's word for really F*in Ugly, ha ha ha). It doesn't seem that the style of the boot so much matters right now. People are wearing ankle boots, calf boots and knee high ones.

I've even seen some high end fashion lines putting their models in thigh high boots and mini skirts. Some may think thigh high boots just make you look trashy, but not anymore. I would not suggest the thigh highs unless you are a true fashionista as if you do pair the wrong thigh high boot there is a change you may look trashy, so be careful with the thigh high boots.

I guess long story short - get yourself a pair of boots for your fall fashion! If you don't like a heel, get a pair of Lugz, they are in, but I do think they are fugly. I prefer a platform heel to accompany my short legs.

I'll be wearing these this year:

For less of a heel, I'll wear these:

They can both be found at

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fjb70 said...

You would be so proud of me. Wed. I wore boots just under my knee and a skirt that hit just above the knee and today I have on my black boots with dress pants!!