Thursday, September 11, 2008

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are a must this season! Skinny jeans are back and the best way to dress them up is by wearing them with your favorite pair of knee high boots. I am such a big fan of knee high boots. I LOVE them, and have too many pairs, and wear them EVERYWHERE I can. Hey, I managed to get away with wearing a pair of knee high 5 inch gothic platform boots to my cousin’s wedding…. Doesn’t sound that bad right, except for the fact that I was IN the wedding! Yes… I AM a boot whore.

Living in upstate NY, boots are a must, but they can be so ugly. Who wants to strap into a pair of boots that are a pain to take on and off and are ugly to boot. (Pun intended). Personally, I see knee high boots to as the ultimate fashion statement. Are you tough, elegant, or feeling sexy? I think much of this can be determined in someone’s footwear. You need to find a boot that you’ll love wearing and will say something about you personally. I have a pair of knee high boots for any mood one could imagine. I have the flirty boot, the don’t mess with me boot, and the I’m in a laid back mood knee high boot.

Boots just aren’t what they used to be. They are now a HUGE part of fashion and style, and if you look you’ll see the big A-list stars wearing them all over. Knee high boots now come in just about any style imaginable in a wide variety of fabrics and materials. Boots are available in a low heel all the way up to 7+ inches. You can get knee high boots with or without a platform. I personally prefer the platform. Knee high boots made from man-made materials are going to cost you much less than those made of leather or other premium materials.

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fjb70 said...

Yes you did wear goth boots in my wedding and I have SEVERAL pictures to prove it. Everyone took pictures, I guess they thought that's what would upset me on my wedding....crazy!! It was great to see you guys and thanks to both you and your hubby. We love you and miss you all!!